AsclepiX Therapeutics is focused on transforming the treatment of ocular diseases through the rapid clinical development of groundbreaking therapies aimed at empowering patients and their families around the world with the freedom to live their best lives.

Using pioneering computational biology methods, we have identified multiple families of peptides that are potent regulators of vascular homeostasis. Our clinical candidates are derived from these peptides and work through naturally existing, highly evolved, and self-regulating mechanisms of homeostasis that maintain our health and well-being.

What We Do

Our lead candidate, AXT107, inhibits pro-angiogenic vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2) and activates the vessel stabilizing receptor tyrosine kinase (Tie2), the two validated pathways for the treatment of retinal vascular diseases. Both pathways are mediated by the interaction of AXT107 with integrin αvβ3 and integrin 𝛼5β1. AXT107 is presented as a microparticulate suspension suitable for intraocular injection.

The Tie2 effects of AXT107 complement those of the anti-VEGF action, potentially offering greater improvement in vision gains as well as reduction of vascular permeability and suppression of inflammation. Due to its inherent low aqueous solubility, AXT107 administered intraocularly can potentially provide substantial durability, which could dramatically reduce the treatment burden associated with current standard of care. The intraocular injection of AXT107 microparticulate suspension will be explored in the DISCOVER study, an open label, single injection, dose escalating, 40-week, phase 1/2a clinical study in patients with wet AMD aiming to evaluate safety, tolerability, bioactivity and duration of action across three dose levels of AXT107.


We are targeting retinal vascular diseases. Our technology utilizes a novel of mechanism of action, targeting multiple factors simultaneously that drive the pathogenesis of these diseases. In addition, we hope to achieve superior efficacy with fewer injections than currently approved therapies, while substantially reducing the treatment burden for patients.

Innovation Leaders

AsclepiX Therapeutics was founded by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers, initially licensing their groundbreaking portfolio of vascular homeostatic peptides and technologies. AsclepiX has grown and matured over the years, and is now led by a world-class team of experienced biomedical and pharmaceutical executives who are dedicated to advancing the clinical development of these novel therapeutics, that are poised to significantly extend their utility well beyond the capabilities of today’s therapies.

We do this by translating brilliant scientific discovery into tomorrow’s transformative medicines that have the potential to bring better and dramatically lasting improvements to health to people throughout the world.

We take pride in scientific and operational excellence. Our progress is driven by the culture of curiosity, creativity, and courage built by our team members. We highly value this culture and support it every way we can.

We are dedicated every day to advancing the development of these novel therapeutics to prove their safety and efficacy in fulfilling significant unmet needs in global healthcare.